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Please enjoy a simple podcast breaking down the complicated world of personal development, NLP and hypnosis into the simple


Jul 17, 2019

I'm too OLD too YOUNG

Just like we discussed in FMQ 256 another reason, or excuse as we call it out, for not investing in ourselves (yep I'm in here with you) is when we say:

I'm too OLD too YOUNG

And we seem to say this without thinking.

Come with me and listen to my personal experiences and those of my youngest son,...

Jul 13, 2019

Dig your well and leave a legacy

Metaphors are dripping all over the place in this 5 minute quickie podcast

The saying of 'Dig the well before you become thirsty' by Harvey Mackay has been used as a foundation of 'good' networking but I wanted to think a little alternatively and see where we can use this saying more...

Jul 10, 2019

Where do our beliefs come from

 A personal story

I wanted to share a personal story of some recent work I did with myself and more specifically the beliefs that came up that I wasn't expecting. I'll also share what happened as I worked through them.

Come with me and hear this story of experiencing of not so nice feeling...

Jul 6, 2019

The one thing that creates everything

The next two questions are going to change your life. Another big statement but one that's true.

We've talked about creating dreams, wishes and letting go of issues and this is no exception and the reason I keep doing it is for you to find your real voice and make it...

Jul 4, 2019

FMQ 254.1 Here is hypnotic spice hypnosis

Yep, here is the hypnosis track to add spice into life.

If you haven't listened to the podcast please do as it's good to get a conscious understanding as well as priming your unconscious mind.

Please enjoy with my compliments

Shine and be well





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