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Please enjoy a simple podcast breaking down the complicated world of personal development, NLP and hypnosis into the simple


Nov 10, 2019

#150.1 Here's that Something Special

-Unconsciously Hypnosis track





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Nov 9, 2019

Something Special - Unconsciously

And another free HYPNOSIS track

I realised the other day I have talked about our unconscious mind, hypnosis and self hypnosis and never once have I shared with you an important story of how I learnt the name of my unconscious mind.


Today's the the day I share this with you. In fact...

Nov 6, 2019

Action ends suffering - doesn't it?

A Five Minute Quickie podcast

This a a quick kick up the bum, a reminder or a flash of the bleedin' obvious :O)

It's probably more meant to be a prompt from my unconscious best friend to get me to do something and I thought you, well you're like me, and it will prompt you.

We have and...

Nov 2, 2019

Are you going to let this de-rail you

Sometimes issues, problems, seem insurmountable don't they? With it goes a little bit of pain or a lot and a few negative emotions to boot. Can you guess the ones I'm thinking about?

If you choose to stay here, Choose Paul? I don't choose or didn't choose this it was caused by...

Oct 30, 2019

First day steps to competency

Hats off to a 'tip of the week' on the Jordon Harbinger show because you Jordan have inspired me to look at this and look to see where and how we can use it especially in regards to our goals and project and in effect in all that we do.

I didn't realise I have been doing this for a long...