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Please enjoy a simple podcast breaking down the complicated world of personal development, NLP and hypnosis into the simple


Sep 18, 2021

So why the F**k Bother?

But I think you will

There's so much in this episode, so much more than Anxiety to Confidence that I think will get you from not just thinking about this to excelling in every area of your life - Bold statement Cloughie!

But first we, well I, need to be shocked.

Because the more you do, the more...

Sep 11, 2021

Who's listening To You?

You may be surprised.

This is a whopper of an episode in the amount of not only golden nuggets but silver and bronze ones tooo!

How would you, do you help your best friend(s)? You're always there for them and support them. Or do you? Because you have a best friend, we all do and they're better...

Sep 8, 2021

When and how to find new opportunities

Was lockdown, locked in, the best time to find opportunities? Really???

Or was that just 'clickbait' or reframing a bad situation which I don't think helped those who had to keep working hard - they didn't get any time to have the best time.

So when is the best time? the best time...

Sep 4, 2021

WTF Let's Go First

In a slightly explicit way

Yup, a little swearing but not a lot, and I think it's in the most appropriate way.

And as many episodes, this started with a journal, a read, and a Youtube video all colliding in my head.

There is so much wisdom known in this world that has been around for 'donkey's' years...

Aug 28, 2021

3 Steps To End Procrastination



And before you say or think "is this clickbait?" How very dare you!

No, I want to show how to overcome procrastination simply and easily and take off that badge we can wear.

Do I procrastinate? Of course I do!  I'm human and have my struggles and it's through those struggles I...