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Please enjoy a simple podcast breaking down the complicated world of personal development, NLP and hypnosis into the simple


Feb 21, 2024

Getting our feet wet and expecting something different

From a recent experience of a client worrying that they didn't feel the same as the last session - why was that?

That made me think, why would anything we feel be exactly the same as before and let our expectations guide our judgments?

Have you had something...

Feb 17, 2024

A Slap In The Face

A metaphorical one in the kisser!

Now this episode is personal and a little embarrassing being not what you know but doing what you know or not doing. It will make sense   :O)

We all know the saying "First things first" don't we? Again we are getting into that realm of knowing and doing or in this...

Feb 14, 2024

Showing up - More often

Because sometimes we don't

In this wonderful world of personal development, we are constantly told to show up, be our best self, and be vulnerable by singing from our voice and it's a good thing to do

and in this episode, I'm here to give you permission not to - WHAT!

It's okay to strive to show...

Feb 10, 2024

Dealing With The Past - Simply

Let's take 5 minutes or so to think about memories, those ones from the past - do they really exist, does the past really exist, and if so where?

And I know we have been here before, in the past, and that no longer exists - does it

And if it doesn't exist why does it feel so real and...

Feb 7, 2024

Dealing With Anger PART 2

Diving into the 'How To'

So now we get to learn more about the intention of anger and how it really is an inappropriate emotion. We can see examples where others have used it to propel their lives, using the energy contained in the emotion and that's ok, I guess, if you don't hold onto it.